Monday, February 25, 2008

Enjoying the Sunshine

One thing you can't complain about here is the weather! Some days it is sunny, others partly sunny, and on totally cloudy days at least it is not cold! The clouds hover around the mountains, often blocking the sun here on our side of the mountains. We do get a lot of rain on our part of the island, but it is mostly at night. That is why it is so green and lush in the north; in the south they get very little rain and it is doesn't have the vegetation like we do. A weather forcaster has a very boring job here because it always looks about the same. I never need anything more than a light jacket or sweater. Temperatures hover right around the seventy degree mark, give or take five degrees. I have to say I do not miss Rochester's winters (sorry--for all my friends back home).
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Sara N. Smith said...

How beautiful is must be! Are you trying to make me feel jealous? ;) I'm so tired of winter - will spring ever come?

Rachel said...

Oh, do I miss that sunshine! It's snowing here and we are supposed to get 16 inches!

Anonymous said...

We are getting a nasty snow storm right now, I am so not liking it!!

~Ginger Barber OPBBC