Friday, February 29, 2008

Learning the Language of Blog

If learning Spanish wasn't enough, I am also trying to learn another language as well, the language of Blog. For me, blogging is a hobby, a creative outlet, an on line journal. I set up my first "blogspot" with Blogger, but a friend of mine uses Wordpress, which offers some features that more experienced "bloggers" appreciate. I decided I would take a look at what they had to offer, and set up my own page at Wordpress just for fun (or frustration). To get started, I chose a template for my layout, learning how to use the dashboard. I wanted a customized header, and then I started getting way over my head. Thought it would be nice to add some images to the sidebar, so I went to the FAQ page--clicking here and there. It has something to do with a widget. I click, and start reading, ok...a little too complicated at this point. I will learn about that later. Do I want a Blogroll? How do I want to Archive my posts? Links? Categories? Tabs? How about the ultimate in blogs, a podcast? All I really want to do is a few basic things, like put in a few pictures, make the page a little more attractive and be done with it.

Blogger seems more user friendly (at least for beginners). I research "What people like most about Wordpress". Seems it has something to do with Askismet, Meta, features a professional "blogger" would desire. I explore topics dealing with Technorati Code, Hypertext Markup Language and WYSIWG.

Want more people to read your posts? I learn about RSS Feeds and Atom. Related topics include pinging, trackback, pingback, backlinks, etc. Joining a site called Sphere helps too. I want to import my posts from Blogger, which takes another half hour to figure out (I know, I am slow). While I am lost in cyberspace, my five year old is having the time of her life, the dishes need to be washed, laundry to fold, home school papers to grade, and dinnertime is approaching. I cringe when my husband sees me at the computer. Blogging is consuming way too much of my time. Welcome to the world of blogging!


Sara N. Smith said...

Oh, I sympathize!!! Alot of those "terms" you listed - I don't even know what they mean. In any case, we're getting more 'computer savvy'. Right? :)

Melanee said...

That was really interesting! I wondered how much work it would be to set up a Blog, Wow, thanks for sharing it with us.
Melanee M.

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

Don't let my post scare you Melanee--it really isn't that hard, I was just trying to be a little funny!