Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Creation too Controversial?

Recently I mentioned in another post that my husband purchased some Creation/Evolution DVDs in Spanish and wanted to use them as a witnessing tool here among the university students. One day Doug was passing out gospel tracts at the university here and he met a born again believer who seemed really encouraged by the work Doug was doing here, and they exchanged phone numbers as he invited Doug to attend a Bible study on campus. Around the same time Doug also met a very nice evangelical preacher who also works with university students, so Doug thought that maybe he too, would be interested in seeing the Creation seminars, since they deal with issues such as science and the Bible, lies in the textbooks, dangers of evolution, etc. After all, aren't universities supposed to be "open minded" where the free exchange of ideas can take place, where "tolerance" of other beliefs, lifestyles, etc. are supposedly welcomed? Maybe it would open up the door for discussion and as a result open some blinded eyes.

First Doug contacted the student, with hopes that he and his Christian friends would be interested in watching the DVDs at their campus Bible study. Perhaps it could inspire the true believers to become more courageous in their witness, and challenge them to question the evolutionary thinking that is so prevalent. He was polite, but explained that most believers at their campus do not accept a literal interpretation of the Biblical account of Creation. It troubles me how the evolution theory has brainwashed the mindset of even "evangelical" Christians here in the Canary Islands. They might acknowledge "Intelligent Design" but reject a literal account of creation, incorporating evolution into the Biblical account. It waters down the teachings of the Bible so that it is "more respectable" and less apt to be ridiculed. It showed us the great need to reach these young students and teach them that the Bible indeed is scientific, and God's Word can be trusted.

It doesn't surprise me that in a country where humanism and secularism are the main philosophical viewpoints that creation is an unpopular teaching, as even the Catholic church has adopted evolution in their dogma. I can see where young believers, after being educated their entire life in secular schools, would be more apt to accept that God created the original substance of life, and then it evolved over billions of years, although it is a compromise aimed at minimizing the Biblical account, appealing to the "so called" scientific minds which could never accept the fact that perhaps the evolution theory is seriously flawed. Perhaps the young believers have never been exposed to good teaching about creation.

What really surprised me though, was the reaction of the preacher, when Doug asked him about presenting the creation seminars in the campus Bible study. Basically, his reaction was apologetic, but he explained, "I believe in creation, but it is too controversial of a subject and I would rather avoid discussing it. We don't want to offend anyone."

Creation is fundamental to the Christian faith. Either the Bible is true, and we are created by God, and henceforth subject to His Word, or the whole thing is a lie and we can just live our life the way we please. Where do we draw the lines of which part of the Bible is true?

As Bible believing Christians, we have become fearful of expressing Biblical truth because it makes us look like intolerant bigots. We are more afraid of what the world will think of us if we speak out, and that we will "offend" people, thus turning them away from the gospel. First of all, let me say that we do not purposely offend people. We believe in being nice, polite, and friendly as we present the gospel to a lost world. There are people who enjoy confrontation and argument, and are just plain nasty. We are not that way; however, there are times when truth is not going to be popular, and it will be offensive to some. But there comes a time when Christians need to speak the truth in love--perhaps we might even be able to convince a few along the way.

Imagine you painted a masterpiece, a true work of art, only to have someone else sign their name to it, and receive all the credit for what was done by your hand. Wouldn't you feel cheated? Perhaps that is how God feels as He looks down upon His creation--as we give the glory to another. We need boldness and courage to give the Lord the honor due His name.

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Also here in Italy,they start teaching Evolution to young grade school students:(