Friday, March 14, 2008

Temperature's Rising

You don't need a thermometer here in the Canary Islands to measure the outdoor temperature--just look outside and see what the ladies are wearing, or not wearing. We were enjoying a bit of "winter" weather here as the women were covering up a tiny bit more of their bodies with sweaters and jackets (even though it never really was cold--to them it was freezing). My husband came home from visitation a few days ago and informed me that warmer weather had arrived--unfortunately. I didn't know what he meant at first--because he wasn't referring to the outdoor temperature--but that the women were starting to take off their clothes again.

I don't make it a practice to emphasize the outer adornment of woman, (although outward adornment is a reflection of a person's inward attitudes and personality) and I don't sit around judging people and their appearance--but sometimes you can't help but notice. I used to be a bit more naive, but being married to a red blooded male has helped me understand a little more about the visual nature of men. Here in the Canary Islands there are two sizes of women's clothing--Tight, and Extra Tight, coming in two basic styles, Revealing, and Extra Revealing. Clothing designers have become experts at highlighting just the right curves, making the clothing actually more alluring to a man than perhaps the naked body--it teases and wets the appetite--just enough to give the male mind a taste and provoke desire.
I actually feel sorry for my husband, as he is a godly man who desires with all his heart to keep his eyes guarded. He protects himself from what could be areas of temptation--not watching television, using the Internet in a very guarded manner, and trying not to look at women on the street who are advertising their wares. I heard an evangelist say "Ladies, if you aren't in business, don't advertise."

It is a constant battle for Christian men. While paying for our gas at the service station, my husband had to pass a magazine stand with photos of a totally bare-- woman--you couldn't miss it if you tried. Men are confronted with it everywhere. Even the workplace is not exempt--at our bank some of the tellers, and even the management dress provocatively. What ever happened to professionalism? And then women complain about sexual harassment and that they don't want to be treated as a sex symbol.

Lust, adultery, pornography, fornication, and every type of sexual sin is rampant--not only here but in most parts of the world--and it isn't new, but they have become more bold and brazen about it. They recently took down (thank goodness) a huge billboard on the highway of a naked woman seductively posed-- I read where it was causing too many traffic accidents!
I grow tired of seeing women in low rise pants with their thongs and tattooed bottoms hanging out. When I was in school we used to make fun of people who did that, calling it "plumber's crack." No one would be caught dead exposing that part of your body--now they do it on purpose. It is optional for a woman to wear a top when she goes to the beach --and in some places it is customary not to wear anything at all. The Europeans are quite accustomed to this--they don't even bat an eye, so to speak--but for us Americans, it is a bit of a culture shock.

My husband's favorite festival is the annual Canary Days, when the women dress up in the traditional costumes of long ago. It reminds us that there was a day when women dressed decently--even non-Christian women. As they used to say in the 60's and 70's--"you've come a long way baby!"

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