Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cockroaches and Lizards

People back in the states seem to be fascinated by missionary adventures and little children often ask questions like "do you have poisonous snakes over there?" or "what is the weirdest thing you have to eat?" type questions.

Maybe if I said yes, we have huge, giant, man--eating snakes that sneak up on us during the night, and my husband has to sleep with a shot gun next to us in bed just in case one decides to attack--perhaps you would feel a little more sorry for us and we would feel like super hero missionaries. Sorry to disappoint--the worst thing we have had to confront was a baby lizard trying to make its way into our dining room. I have often thought what my reaction would be should a larger lizard make its way into the house--I am surprised it hasn't happened yet, as most of the day our doors are open to let in the cool breezes. I have batted a few off the terrace walls with a broom.
Rebekah dislikes bugs and spiders, and her least favorite thing are these creepy, hairy centipedes which are really quick and hard to catch. Just the smallest moving creature will evoke pleas for emergency help that will make your heart skip a beat--as we rush to her aid only to find some tiny spider or ant--just step on it! No need to call 911.
The other day we were invited to a friend's house for dinner. They live in a high rise apartment in downtown Santa Cruz. First of all, I must say, that she is the best housekeeper I have ever seen--her apartment is immaculate. But living in the city with so many neighbors in close quarters, eliminating pests is a constant battle. As we were sitting down to eat, Doug and her husband were pulling the leaves out of the dinner table when a multitude (and I mean an army) of cockroaches started coming out of the wood, cracks and crevices of the table. Apparently, someone had given them this table recently, and they were not aware of the house guests living inside it. Rebekah and I were sitting at the table, getting ready to eat, and we politely and quietly made our way back a few steps (I was really proud of Rebekah and Leanna for the level of composure they displayed) as Doug and our friend tried swatting them all with dish towels (they didn't have any bug spray). There were hundreds of the critters, mommies, daddies and babies. Needless to say we weren't quite as hungry after that.
Fortunately, that is the worst it gets--guess we won't have any really far out, exciting adventure tales to tell on furlough. We don't have to battle snakes, rats, scorpions, black widow spiders, or even malaria carrying mosquitoes. I sympathize with my missionary friends that do.

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