Sunday, April 20, 2008

Testimony from Matthews Family, Missionaries to Brazil

In a previous post I mentioned the missionary family whose 6 year old daughter Anna died recently from burns she received to 90% of her body. Someone sent me this letter she wrote, telling of their ordeal and the people who have been saved as a result. It touched me, and thought it might remind us to pray for this family.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,Greetings!From: Carol Matthews

Subject: Thank You! After getting news about Anna's heart giving out we headed for the hospital. We had a couple from the church come and stay with the children while we were gone. we all had our cry for missing Anna and not really being able to say goodbye.We arrived at the hospital about 10:30 and they came to take us up to see her body. More tears of seeing our little girl without life. I have been to funerals before and they are never easy but here in Brazil they don't dress up the body to look any better. We said thank you to the Drs that tried to help revive her and told them the importance of Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. We then went down to the office where they get info to send the body for examination by the police to see if it was correct what the Dr's had said. Then we were free to go home .
We stopped on the way home to arrange the funeral. We had a man from another Baptist church offer to let us have his grave site since we did not have anything. We are going to look into paying for one next month and give him that one. That will be the only fee we will have for the funeral because the city offered to pay for the rest.Her body was released at 10:40 am on the 16th and we put it in the church with a closed casket. We had folks come from far and neighbors from next door. I know we had over 100 present for the service at 3:00pm.The gospel was preached clear and one lady that we know of publicly raised her hand for Salvation. The service was over at 4pm and we locked up the church and went to the cemetery to say goodbye till Jesus comes. Rick preached again a short message on the resurrection and then we watch them put her in the ground. I miss our little girl so much that it feels like my heart could not break any more. Then on the other hand I am comforted so greatly by our Heavenly Father.
Please pray for us to rest in the Lord and walk with Him each min. of the day! I was telling Rick how we had prayed for mercy and we can see that He really did have mercy on us and Anna. As I think of the mercy He had for Anna it brings us joy to know she is not suffering anymore and will not have to go through and more pain! Then how the Lord has been merciful to us in ways I can not number right now but just a few I will share. We have not been left childless! We have a little girl that looks quite like her sister Anna and Priscilla is getting twice the love and hugs that she received before! Then our family has become united in a way that I have never seen before! Through all this we are having people come up to us and ask us about the Lord!!!!!
We are happy for Anna but our hearts are sore from the empty bed and chair at the table and the sweet little joyful heart that cheered us so every day.I want to thank all of you for praying for the Lord s will to be done .We talked with the Dr. that has been following my treatment and Anna s and he told us that he knows of children that have survived being burned and they really are not too nice to look at. I am glad the Lord in His mercy saw fit to let her be free of pain and suffering, physically and emotionally.
Thank you again for calling , writing, emailing and above all praying!After church Wed. night there was a man that got saved also and so as we walk through this valley we see the Lord is leading in everything and with the Grace that is overflowing in our lives we hope you are comforted also.Family reunions will be much sweeter and Church services will be sweeter since we know that the only thing in this life that really matters is the souls of men, women and children.I love you all and can't wait to see you all and hear how the Lord will use the little girl called Anna to see souls come to the saving knowledge of our Lord and you again. Carol Ann
Thank you and keep us in your Prayers!

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