Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good News from a Far Country

Don't you just love to get a good report? Our son Nathan called the other day from Mozambique, Africa to tell us they were having their first Bible study in their home this Sunday. They have been on the field a little over a year, and have been working diligently to learn Portuguese. I am amazed at how quickly he has picked it up (maybe speaking Spanish as a child helped). Nathan has been helping national pastors while learning the language, knocking on doors, etc. ever since they got there, and he decided that it was time to launch out on their own.

They purchased 30 chairs, painted the garage, and handed out 1000 invitations. What a blessing when 15 showed up on the first Sunday.

This takes me back about 23 years, to our dining room in Guadalajara, Mexico. Nathan was just barely out of diapers, and we were young missionaries. My husband had learned enough Spanish to start a Bible study in our home, and every week we would convert the dining room into our "church." All the chairs were lined up, and Doug built a small "pulpit" to put his Bible on, and we had a small group coming.

When Nathan was just a toddler, one of his favorite things to do was to "play" church. He would line up all the chairs, pass out the hymn books, and make his sisters sit down as he would proceed to lead the singing and preach. Somehow we just knew that Nathan would be called to preach someday.

Our hopes and prayers have become a reality. There is no greater joy a parent could have than this.

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