Friday, May 30, 2008

June Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This month has been a joyful one for us in two ways. First, Jenny and Hannah, our daughters that attend Fairhaven Baptist College have arrived safely to spend the summer with us. I am sure they will enjoy a well deserved rest, but will also be busy serving with us in the ministry here. They have already been a big help in our children's Bible club, assisting with the puppets, Bible memorization, and games. We also ministered in the nursing home nearby with them, as Jenny and Rebekah played the piano, Hannah the violin, Mom the flute, and Dad played the guitar and preached. Please pray for a resident there named Pedro to be saved, as he always listens to the messages very attentively.

The second highlight is that God has given us a building to hold church services in Santa Cruz. It is located just three blocks from where our Bible Study is and only costs 75 euros a month, which is about $115.00! (Most places cost over $1,400). It is part of a public service building which is used for different activities such as art classes etc. It is really a nice place for what we need, with bathrooms, a refrigerator, freezer, and a big area for church. The good news is that last Sunday, (the first service) eighteen people showed up! That included my family, another missionary friend who came and his sister, but we had nine first time visitors and one who came to the Bible study before. One was a Muslim, Abihud, who needs prayer for salvation, and said he is coming next Sunday. Another was Janeth, a Cuban lady, who received an invitation and a tract from one of my daughters, and said she would be coming this week as well.

A young man Juan, who I met two days before, and whom I referred to my friend Pedro, (a man who runs a refuge home for men) came to church all dressed up in a suit and tie and a big smile on his face. Well, pray for all of these, as well as Pedro, who indicated he may very well be bringing his men to our church if it is God’s will. Also, please pray for Regina and Nino for salvation.
We love you all, The Schwaderer family

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Jenna said...

That is great that you found a building!!