Saturday, May 10, 2008

None Other Like Mother

It is Mother's Day in the U.S., here in the Canary Islands it was last weekend. Our church has a custom of honoring mothers during the Family School time (what most churches would call the Sunday School hour) and our pastor's allow everyone who wants to the opportunity to come forward and speak into the microphone and honor their mother with a short testimony. I will not be at my home church to honor my mother, so I am going to write a few things about my mom on this blog.

My mother had six children in about eight years, so for the next several years she changed many a diaper (no disposable diapers), made delicious meals for us and was a wonderful homemaker. She created pleasant memories for us. She taught us to appreciate culture--I remember how she would put an 8-track of classical music into the kitchen console (sorry, I am not going to explain to all you younger folks what an 8-track is) and I would do ballet (probably when I was 4 or 5) to Debussy. She would sit down at the piano and play Clair de Lune with such great expression.

She let us have fun--on the first day of spring she would fix us a picnic, and we would sit and have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on our back patio (still wearing our winter coats). We played outside in the giant sandbox, created forts and hideouts in the barn--and she never scolded us for getting our clothes dirty or tracking in mud. Our cousins always loved coming to our house because it was a fun place to be--acres to roam, trees to climb, and so much to discover.

Mom had her favorite chair by the fireplace, looking out the picture window in the living room, as she watched to make sure we got on the school bus safely. She was the first person we looked for when we got off the bus too. If we needed permission to go somewhere or wanted something, we always asked mom first.

As I have mentioned before, we grew up in the greenhouse/floral business. My dad purchased the greenhouses from his father, who was an immigrant from Sweden, and through much hard work (even through the Great Depression) achieved the American dream of owning a successful greenhouse/landscaping business. It was in the business that we were taught the importance of hard work and good character.

When we got older and were in school, mom was able to work more in the family business, which was right in front of our home--we all worked together and everyone had an important role. She was instrumental in expanding the floral aspect of our business. She is truly an artist, has an eye for color, balance, and made the loveliest arrangements. She also had a knack for knowing what would sell--she would go to the wholesale house, spot a particular container, and create an item that would sell like hotcakes. I was able to watch and learn from her. She allowed me at a very early age to experiment with making my own arrangements, and when they were good enough, she would let me put them in the cooler to sell. That is how I got interested in floral design.

My mom is a lot of fun to be with--and is a great spiritual encourager too. She loves the Lord, and enjoys talking about her Saviour. I am so thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful mother!

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Anonymous said...

What precious memories - praise God for mothers! I enjoyed the pics, too! :)