Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Safely Home for the Summer

Praise the Lord, Hannah and Jenny made it safely home last night from college. Their flight was scheduled to arrive at 7:15 pm, and we were ready--Rebekah and Leanna had a bouquet of flowers for them, and I had my camera all ready to catch the much awaited moment of the happy reunion. The flight arrived on time, and many of the passengers passed through the gate...but no sign of Jenny or Hannah. We did manage to see them through a glass window, and through sign language figured out that their luggage did not arrive. One hour later, they finally passed through the gate--still no luggage, but we were just happy they were here safely. They delivered their bags today--for a few blissful hours Rebekah was hoping her new home school materials that her sisters were bringing over might have been lost somewhere in London!

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