Friday, May 2, 2008

Always Check the Price First!

Today I went into town to get my hair trimmed, and walking back from the hairdresser I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up some tylenol. I saw some blistex sitting on the shelf, which I haven't been able to find (here you have to purchase these type of items at a pharmacy, and everything is behind the counter, not on the shelves like in the states), so I told the clerk I wanted a tube. I didn't even bother to ask the price, figuring it couldn't be more than a few Euros. I was shocked when she told me said "Ocho euros, por favor." Yikes!! To put this in perspective, the box of tylenol contains 16 tablets (about 3 euros--$4.50 approx. US) and the small tube of blistex was 5 euros ($7.65 US). Ouch! Later I discovered why--the blistex was imported from the U.S.--no wonder! I am going to have my daughters bring me a supply from the states when they come. Next time I will be sure to ask the price first!

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