Friday, June 13, 2008

Here We Go, Again!

I can't believe we are doing this again....last time we did it we told ourselves this was the last time....for a long time. It will be the 12th time in 26 years of marriage!

No--I'm not expecting--we are MOVING!! Yes, we have made the decision to move to the south side of the island (actually it is just south of Santa Cruz, but on the east side of the island). For some time, I have been suffering with really terrible seasonal allergies, and from what they tell us, the dry, desert like climate of the south side of the island will help me. We currently live on the north side which is very green and lush, and more prone to molds and pollen.

We have also had some issues with neighbors, as I mentioned in my blog about the piano, and music is just too much a part of our lives to forgo--we have quit playing the piano in an effort to please our neighbors, but the girls also play violin, my husband the guitar, I play the flute, etc. and we don't want to feel we are always imposing on our community of neighbors. There are a few other issues, but we feel this will be the best for our family. We found a duplex, which only has one neighbor on the side, so it is pretty private. Here in the Canary Islands, it is difficult to find a house that sits all by itself--most live in apartment buildings or duplexes.

Jenny and Hannah are home for the summer, so they will be here to help : ) as I am sure they are more than delighted to help us (I am sure this wasn't on their "to do" list of summer projects, but they will get over it! Just kidding of course....). I jokingly told my husband that I was going to go away for a few days while they moved...maybe this would be a good time to visit my son in Africa! Oh, if money only grew on trees....

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Anonymous said...

Oh I am glad I refound the blog, I pray the moves goes smoothly!