Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yes, if technology can be trusted, Lord willing, some time in November, Nathan and Emily will be carrying on the Schwaderer name once more through the birth of their second son. They just returned from South Africa as they were looking for the right doctor and place for the upcoming event.

I didn't have a preference--our grand babies are precious and we love them all. For Nathan's sake though, I am happy it is a boy--because growing up he was the only boy among five sisters. That can be tough--although it did have some advantages, like getting your own bedroom, and not having to wear hand-me-downs. Nathan always wanted a brother, but learned to make do with sisters, teaching them to play soccer in the backyard.

Due to the lack of decent hospitals in Mozambique, they will be traveling three hours to a city in South Africa some time before the baby is born. They have found a doctor they really like, and they are discussing their options about where to have the baby, including a home birth which will be totally supervised by the doctor.

We were trying to think of possible names for the baby. Jenny came up with "Carl Lee" and my husband favors "Douglas Thomas" (Emily's dad's name is Tom). Of course, my dad still has an offer to give the first grand baby named after him $1,000--his middle name is Sigvard (due to his Swedish ancestry). I can't understand why no one has taken him up on it yet.

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Jenna said...

Hey, "Sig" isn't too bad... :)