Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our First Baptism

Today was our church's first baptismal service. Doug decided that the ocean would be as good of place as any, so we found a relatively isolated patch of shoreline and climbed down the rocks to witness this wonderful event in the history of our church.

One young lady, named Eva, has been visiting our services regularly and recently prayed to get saved. She said she wanted to follow the Lord in obedience and be baptized. That is always music to a pastor's ears!

While we were down at the water's edge, another man named Eduardo said that he had been saved but had not yet followed the Lord in believer's baptism, and that he would like to do it today as well.

Today the waves were pretty big, and the place where we did it has rocks and pebbles on the shoreline--not sand--making it a little difficult to walk down into the water. The waves were so powerful that another man had to go in with Doug just to help him hold the person being baptized up while they went under. It was a day we will always remember!


The Anderson Family said...

Praise the Lord! That's exciting.--Amanda

jas said...

I'm not sure but??????

Did she really fall out of the Helo was she saved?


Jenna said...

Praise the Lord!

Christina J. Ford said...

wow it is so pretty! i love reading your blog too!