Tuesday, June 10, 2008

People, Problems, Patience, and Prayer

Being in the ministry is a life dedicated to the service of people, for the glory of God. We do what we can to help others find the reconciliation to God that comes through putting one's faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior. We also try to teach other believers how to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord and how to bring others into the fold. Nothing is more rewarding--to see someone yield their life to Christ and grow in their personal walk with God. At the same time nothing can be more frustrating --as people don't always choose to make the right decisions according to the principles given in the Word of God.

However, people are human, and part of the human condition is sin, and with that comes the problems from lives that have been ruined by poor decisions and lack of godly wisdom. We deal with people's problems on a daily basis. Our church is in the city, close to a city mission--and no where is the effect of sin demonstrated more clearly than on the streets where we work. Men and women who can't hold jobs, have a history of drug abuse, sometimes mental illness, and every sort of problem imaginable.

One man in our church, Pedro, runs a refuge for men and he has been bringing men who are in his program to our services. Pedro must have a special calling to deal with the many issues that these men bring with them. He has a wonderful testimony of how the Lord has saved him and given him a new life in Christ, and now he dedicates his life to help others find the same hope that the Lord has given him. Daily he deals with men trying to get victory over the strong hold of drugs, and all the other destructive behaviors that come with it--broken families, loss of employment and credibility. Yes indeed, the ministry takes a great deal of patience, and much prayer...as we try to help these people get their lives on the right track.

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