Friday, June 27, 2008

Where is Everyone?

Last evening, Jenny and I went in to Santa Ursula where we usually take a walk in the park because it is the only place in town that is flat--and normally the beautiful walking park is filled with walkers and joggers--but last night it was totally empty. I didn't have to worry about men running me over from behind for once. The streets were empty too. Seemed kind of eerie and strange to me, but then I figured out where everyone was.

On our way home the streets filled again, but horns were blowing and firecrackers going off. No, it isn't a national holiday, but almost--you see, Spain just defeated Russia in the Euro 2008 Semi finals, and here in Spain and many other European countries, futbol, or soccer--is more important than anything. Now Spain will play Germany. Doug told me that he is rooting for Germany (remember his heritage) but he better not tell anyone here that. They may kick him out of the country!

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