Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Today as I was cleaning our house, I was thinking how blessed we are to be in our new place of residence--it is so quiet, and we have so much more privacy now. It is nice to be able to unload groceries without having to cross heavy traffic, and Rebekah and Leanna enjoy being able to ride their bikes, walk the dog, etc. on our dead end street.

We are on the southeast side of the island, about 10 minutes south of Santa Cruz, and it is amazing how much different the climate is here than where we were living before in the north. It is very dry, and much sunnier and hotter. I am not so crazy about the warmer temperatures, but we went out and bought a few fans and it is much better. It isn't the humid type of heat that makes you feel miserable.

We are getting things put away pretty quickly--many hands make light work. Now we just need to hang curtains and pictures, and I will be very happy : )

The last place to get organized is the garage....but that is Doug's domain. His office and books are down there and he has very specific ideas how he wants it. I don't mind--every man should have somewhere to call his own and do as he pleases with the space. He pretty much lets me decorate the rest of the house. The garage is very nice and light--it will be a great place for him to get away and study, write sermons, and be alone with the Lord.


The Anderson Family said...

Your new place looks so nice!! I'm glad your move went well! --Amanda

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful and cozy!