Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Anyone considering becoming a missionary will have to acquire patience in the midst of what can be total frustration. Of course, this is also a prerequisite for anyone in Christian service, or for just living daily life--whether on the foreign field or not, but it seems that in a foreign country frustration can be multiplied.

Nothing ever seems to go smoothly the first time--I would liken it to going to the Bureau of Motor vehicles to register a car or get a title--do you ever have all the required information they want the first time?

I have been waiting for months to get in to see a specialist--we have been in Tenerife now for 15 months and am way overdo for some blood work and tests so I was looking forward to getting that accomplished today. We got up early, drove 45 minutes to the other side of the island, waiting patiently until they called me in for my preliminary medical history before I saw the doctor, and they asked me for a piece of paperwork that my family doctor was supposed to send with all my lab work--which they forgot to do--so they sent me to the university hospital, which was another half hour drive, and when I got there I had to take another number.....only for them to tell me that they couldn't see me there, but I had to go back to the other place!

OK, I said, but why did they tell me they couldn't see me at the other place--so she checked with her coworker and she said, yes, they would see me there, but they would call in a few weeks to give me an appointment. Back to the drawing board.....it will probably be another several months now as I get put back on the waiting list.
The Canary Islands has a fairly decent system of medical care, but if you are in a hurry.......

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