Sunday, July 6, 2008

Suffer the Little Children

Jesus loves children. That is why we are trying to reach out to them here in the Canary Islands. First we started a Bible Club for kids called "Amigos," and just yesterday my daughter Jenny decided she would start a Sunday school for the children who have been coming to our church services. I appreciate her motivation and energy--I will have to take her place when she leaves to go back to college in the fall but right now she is giving me a reprieve from my duties. Both she and Hannah stayed up late Saturday night making posters, copying songs into Spanish and studying the Bible lesson. Jenny speaks pretty good Spanish and is putting it to good use here.

We were so thankful that our neighbor Evelyn was able to come to church with us. She is a great friend of Rebekah and Leanna and we will miss her when we move next week, but hopefully she will continue to come to our Bible club during the week. Doug gave her a Bible, and she told him today that she has already read seven chapters. Please keep her in your prayers.


Jenna said...

That's great that they can help out the ministry like that! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

It's always good to read such a good report. I was glad to browse through your latest posts after being away from my computer for such a long time due to internet problems!
Wishing you well and many blessings!