Friday, August 1, 2008

August 2008 Prayer Letter

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We are happy to report that since we have started renting the community building for church services, God has saved two souls, Josue and Eva, both around twenty- two years of age. Both came from the refuge shelter for the homeless, (which conveniently is across the street from the church) and attended the services. Eva, was saved, not in the service, but later on while talking to her about the Lord. She wasted no time to be baptized, and the only place I knew of to be baptized was in the ocean. Here, most of the beaches or shore lines are just rocks, and rather big ones at that. Even after you step in the ocean you are struggling to keep your balance because the ocean floor is covered with rocks as well. Then we had to deal with the waves that were coming in hitting us while trying to keep our footing at the same time. We had a real time of it, but at last we were able to baptize her.

On arriving back to shore as we were rejoicing in the Lord, Eduardo, who has been attending church said he wanted to get baptized. I was thinking “this is great, but we almost drowned the first time and now we’re going to have to do it again!” Well, we did, and it was a great day in the Lord. Eva decided to return to her parents house, which is good, but they live in the mainland, so she will not be with us; however we contacted a pastor in Spain, and she has started attending there. Josue had his life threatened evidently and we have not seen him since, but please pray for him.

I met a young man named Juan one day while witnessing, and he has rededicated his life to the Lord, and started coming to church. He had committed a crime about five years ago, and had to pay a large fine, but was delinquent of around $1000.00, for which cause the police had a warrant out for his arrest and immediate prison time. After counseling, he decided to quit running, and turned himself in, and has just accomplished his 45 day term. I was not able to pick him up the day he was released, but we expect him in church Sunday. He has a fire for the Lord, and was witnessing to many of the inmates in prison and giving them scriptures that we had provided for that purpose. Please pray for him, as I see much potential in him for the Lord.

We have had a good time with our two oldest daughters being home for the summer, as we have had some real good times witnessing together. It will be very difficult to say goodbye to them at the end of the month when they return to Bible college--we will miss them dearly and they have been a great asset to the ministry as well. They invited a Cuban young lady named Yanet to church, and she has been coming ever since, only missing twice. She is a very talented instrumentalist, and has been playing flute in the church services, accompanying the piano and violin (Hannah and Jenny). Pray for her husband to come to church, and also for a Muslim man named Abrim to be saved. He has come for many services, and God is working in his heart.

We decided to move closer to Santa Cruz where the church is, and surprisingly it went fairly smooth, as I had help from men at the church. It was a lot of work however. The weather on the southeast side of the island is dryer and hotter, and we hope that it well help Carolee’s allergies.
God Bless all of you, The Schwaderer family

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful report! Praise God for souls that have been saved and are changed forever!