Saturday, August 16, 2008

Romans 8: 28

Thursday we were all set to have our last nursing home service before our oldest daughters return to the states. With Jenny playing the piano and Hannah the violin, it adds a much needed boost to our music repertoire.

We loaded the van, which includes taking our digital piano apart, and putting all the necessary equipment in the van (something we also have to do every Sunday for our church services as we rent a building). There is barely room for the girls in the back but fortunately Rebekah and Leanna are able to squeeze into small spaces.

Upon arrival at the nursing home, Doug was told the electricity was out, and we would be unable to have a normal "service." One of the nurses suggested that we go from room to room and play a few songs for each of the residents. So Doug took his guitar, and plan "B" was put into operation. It actually turned out quite well, as some residents are bedridden and have never been able to attend our services. Doug had been wanting to visit the residents in this way for some time, but hadn't been able to do so. What seemed to be an inconvenience for us, turned out to be a blessing--in addition, it gave us the liberty to speak with the residents on a more personal basis, and hopefully they enjoyed the visits. Just one small example of how the Lord directs our steps, and we need to be flexible and make the most of every opportunity He gives us.


The Anderson Family said...

Thank you for the reminder to be flexible and ready for every opportunity to advance the kingdom of heaven! --ARA

Jenna said...

Wow, the Lord did work it all out for good! Praise the Lord!