Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Leanna's Salvation Testimony

Our "baby" of the family, Leanna, is 5 1/2 years old, and did something very special today that filled our hearts with joy. Thought you would appreciate hearing about her testimony.

Leanna came to my bedside this morning, waking me up, and with an unusually cheerful voice said "Mom, I got saved!" She said it like she really meant it and was extremely happy--there was a different tone in her voice, one of real sincerity. Earlier in the morning she approached Doug while he was in the kitchen and said something to the extent "I am wrong/I don't feel right" and he asked her what was the matter, and she said "I want to get saved."

Doug said "do you want me to pray first?" and she said no--she just got down on her knees and started praying, saying Lord, please forgive me for my sins, and I want to be saved, please come in my heart, etc.

Yesterday she watched the Bob Jones movie Sheffey and I think it had a real effect on her. Later I asked her about how she got saved, and she said she did something wrong, and felt like she needed to pray, and she said she "repented." It was so cute. Keep praying for her, she is a a child who loves life, and has a lot of spunk, (translated--strong-willed) but hopefully will turn her energies in the right direction and keep a tender heart for the Lord. She is really going to have a difficult time saying goodbye to her older sisters when they go back to college--she adores them. Last year when they left she took it very hard.


kathimic said...

Hi Jenny, received your letter today. looking forward to you and your sister's return. Loved looking at the pictures, it very beautiful there. Love, Mrs. Hughes

p.s. Hi to all the family!

chip said...

Praise the Lord, Leanna!

Now you are our "sister" and our friend! You made a very wise decision...there will be many more for you from now on. Remember Daniel in the Bible, he purposed in his heart to always choose the right thing! Love, the Smiths

The Anderson Family said...

What a blessing! That is so sweet. It is always exciting when a child can grow up in a Christian family and come to know the Lord at such a young age!
God bless you, Leanna!