Monday, September 1, 2008

Leanna and Rebekah's First Day of School

Today we started school, yes, on Labor Day--but over here it isn't a holiday. Rebekah is in the fifth grade, and Leanna is starting first grade. This is her first year to use the Bob Jones DVD distance learning program, and she was excited.

First thing this morning Leanna came down for breakfast, ready to start school. I told her to go back upstairs, comb her hair and put on a pair of socks and shoes . I know this is "home school" but somehow it goes against my grain to do school in bare feet and messy hair. Rebekah enjoys dressing up everyday, carefully selecting a "school" outfit--and when she finishes school she will change into something else. Leanna, on the other hand, pulls the first thing she can find out of her drawer, where she stuffs everything in together, clean or dirty. It can make for some very unusual outfits.

She came back downstairs, marching like the VonTrapp children in the Sound of Music when their father blows his whistle. We started Bible class, and 10 minutes into the teaching she informs me that she is hungry. No, she will have to wait til break time. About 3 subjects into the school day, she impatiently asks me how much more school til we are through. I am getting a little agitated as I watch her chew her pencil, lift her desk up off the floor, look out the window---while her teacher is explaining her phonics lesson. Will this girl ever learn anything? Would she be doing this if she was in a traditional classroom setting, with a teacher that wasn't her mom?

Then I think to myself how I would keep from going crazy if I was an elementary teacher with 25 six-year olds in one room, trying to make sure they hold their pencil correctly, form their letters just like the textbook tells you too, etc. Fortunately I get a little taste of it trying to teach my Sunday school class, which has two boys who never want to sit down--so I can imagine the frustration they must feel. It also helps me realize Leanna isn't that much different than other children her age.
Leanna surprised me, as I listened to her telling her daddy all the things she learned today, and proudly showing him all her worktext papers. Sometimes kids learn more than you think. Patience is the key!


the reynolds said...

Congratulations on your first day of school! They grow up fast don't they? My youngest, Nathan will start this year. I wonder how hard a transition it is for them when 'mom" turns into "teacher"....hope all goes well!

The Anderson Family said...

Yes, it really is surprising when kids who haven't appeared to be paying attention start repeating every they have learned! ~Amanda

Jenna said...

I like how you have them dress for school. That's a really good idea.