Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tagged--Random things about me :)

I've been tagged by Jenna to list 6 random things about myself.
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I usually don't do things like this (chain letters, forwarding emails, etc.) but this one sounds like fun--tell six things about myself that you probably wouldn't know otherwise. (Well, there are a few things I would never tell anyone.) So here it goes!

1. My most annoying habit (for others and my poor teeth) is that I chew ice. Ever since my last pregnancy, I crave ice. Some say it is due to an iron deficiency. My sister has a severe iron deficiency and she said she does the same thing. On the positive side, at least I am getting some water in my diet, and there aren't any calories in ice!

2. I never dreamed I would end up living in a foreign county, and married to a missionary. I didn't even know what a missionary was when I met my husband, and he told me he was called to be a missionary. I had never been exposed to missionaries or evangelists growing up, so I didn't really know what it was all about. I was a young Christian and had surrendered my life to the Lord, and was willing, but I often feel very unqualified.

3. I used to drive a school bus (yes, the big yellow ones) for a Christian school that my kids attended. I had to get my commercial driver's license which was a hair raising experience for me. It was probably the least favorite job I ever had. I was a very strict bus driver--the kids weren't allowed to get out of their seats, and had to behave on my bus. I took safety very seriously, and they probably didn't have as much fun on my bus!

4. I never wanted to home school my kids--we always believed in Christian education, but I didn't see myself as a "home school" mom. I worked as a school teacher, English and Spanish tutor--but never could see myself teaching my own kids--I didn't think I would have the patience with my own children like I would in a school setting. It wasn't until after I taught in a Christian school that I began to realize that maybe I could do it, and it could actually be a more efficient use of our time.

5. I am more of a "loner." My husband is my best friend, and I have a few female friends but we don't really do things together or talk on the phone much. My oldest daughters, sisters, and mom are probably my best friends. In high school I was very involved in organizations, but I still just had one or two close friends that I hung out with.

6. In general, I am more of a leader than a follower. I would much rather be in charge of a project than just be a helper. I enjoy being creative and enjoy organizing projects and events. In high school and college when we had to do "group" projects, I always preferred to be the one in charge to make sure things got done. I am happiest when I have some type of project, event, or activity to accomplish. (In the context of the home and church, I know that it is my role to be under the leadership of my husband and pastors, and not to upsurp the authority of men, so everything has its proper order--but there are situations where women are called upon to lead other women, children, etc.).


Jenna said...

That's funny about the ice :) It's amazing how your life turned out how you never thought it would!

Katie said...

I think it's funny that you didn't know what a missionary was... and now your one..:) ... Hope your doing good.......

Arianna said...

LOL. I used to be a loner, but after I lived here in Romania for a couple of months, I got lonely since we don't see people very often. So now I'm a much bigger 'people person'. Although sometimes I just want to be alone.

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

That is funny, because the mission field did just the opposite to me--I used to be more of a people person until I moved over here--well, at least I used to talk to more people back in the US, especially at church and on deputation.