Thursday, November 13, 2008

Signs of the Times

Photo courtesy of Fox News.

If you saw my post a few weeks back I commented on how the British Humanist society were promoting a godless society by advertising on London buses. Now the American Humanist Society has brought the same message to buses in Washington, DC.

I find it interesting that they chose Washington, D. C. in light of the last election promoting "change." I wonder how much change for the better will occur? God's people need to get down to business, praying for our country, and getting back to the only thing that will bring about a real change--a "changed" heart by the regeneration brought about through faith in Jesus Christ.

It is impossible to live a good life without God, and His word. How do you define what is good and evil without God's holy standard? Every man will do what is right in his own sight. We have already seen the effects of a society without God--just read the headlines of the newspaper or listen to the evening news.

Their question is "why believe in a god?" I don't have enough space on this page or time to give my response but can say truly, I wouldn't want to live in a world without Him!


The Sorta Family said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Now that shows you what a world we live in!! - Rose Sorta

Melanie said...

That is shocking-- that the sign actually said that! How we Christians need to be so much bolder in declaring that man CAN'T be good on his own, and that we must really on the goodness of the only perfectly righteous One-- Jesus! That is so sad that people reject their only hope.
I, too, can't imagine life without Christ! That would honestly be devestating.

Rosebud said...

Amen. Our pastor has just been preaching on how we need the Law to show us God's standard of goodness; without it, we won't realize how much we need His righteousness imputed to us.