Monday, November 17, 2008

Leanna Gets a Dog

My husband could hardly believe it when a few months back we adopted a dog for Rebekah--she had always wanted one, and she found one on the Internet at the local pet shelter that we all liked. Petunia's personality is much like Rebekah's, relatively calm, obedient, and affectionate. They say it is really uncanny how a dog can be like their owner.

A woman in our church is moving to another island, and couldn't take her pet. I agreed to take it home one night for a trial, mostly to see how it got along with Petunia. He immediately took a liking to Leanna. Doug was shocked when I agreed to keep him. But how can you refuse two little girls with such hopeful looks on their faces?

We named him Blackie, and it is amazing how much he is like Leanna. Blackie is a little more playful, not quite as calm as Petunia, and a little scruffier. Leanna finally has someone to boss around--being the baby of the family she needed someone to do what she says for a change!


Melanie said...

How fun!! Those dogs are so cute. ;-)

Rosebud said...

Aw, how sweet! Blackie looks like he loves having his picture taken! =D

Anonymous said...

He looks so cute and cuddly! :)