Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Talk Show Host Calls Homeschooled Kids "Demented"

Yesterday I read a home school blog and watched a video clip as talk show hosts sat around a table on the TV program "The View" (which I don't watch and do not endorse-- I am in the Canary Islands and don't have American TV--I just happened to read about this) discussing where the Obama children should attend school. Someone brought up the idea of them being educated in the White House, and Joy Behar quipped something to the effect--not home schooling--a lot of those kids are demented. Another lady, the more conservative of the bunch--came to the defense of home schooling. Behar also said home schoolers were "scared" of other children.

Does that mean all the kids in the public and private schools are "normal"? Just read the news-- they have their share of problems. Home schoolers aren't perfect either, but I think demented is definitely uncalled for. It just reinforces the sterotype that many have about anything that is "different" than the norm.

I don't know where she has been lately, but I would encourage her to be a little more open minded ( the same way the liberals are always encouraging us to be) and put aside some of her prejudices. Her comment was clearly inflammatory and derogatory. I hope she reconsiders her comment and gets to know a few home schooled children personally. Maybe she would change that to delightful!

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Jenna said...

Wow that's horrible. It's sad that people have veiws like that and they don't know much about the subject!