Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November News

Singing and praying prior to baptism. Tenni, the one being baptized, is the woman in the red shirt. That is her four month old baby being held by Diego, who I wrote about in a prior post--he recently got baptized as well. We did it in the evening, not realizing it got dark so early.

November has been an interesting month so far. We kicked off the month celebrating Leanna's 6th birthday (her real b-date is Oct. 31) and this was her second one here in the Canary Islands. We had a few of our missionary friends over to help share in the fun.

Doug had the privilege to baptize a young lady named Tenni. She recently asked the Lord to be her Saviour and wanted to be obedient to the Lord in baptism. Once again we went down to the Atlantic Ocean for this wonderful event. She has been coming to church and Doug is studying with her, and she has brought some of her family members as well. Tomorrow we are supposed to be having another baptism, praise the Lord!

The ministry is at times joyful, but can be full of trials, and emotionally draining as well. Doug has been discipling a young man who recently has been going through some really tough times emotionally, and mentally. Without going into great detail, at one point Doug was called to help this man as in desperation he tried to take his own life. He is a Christian believer as far as we can tell, but has grown up in a very dysfunctional family. Doug took him to the hospital, and has been spending a lot of time with him, counseling and trying to give him hope through the living Word of God. He seems to be doing better, but please keep this man in prayer.

We are eagerly awaiting news from Nathan and Emily as they have traveled to South Africa for the arrival of Jeremiah George Schwaderer. They are staying in a missionary guest house, and a doctor and midwife will deliver the baby there. Supposedly it is safer than going to a hospital. Should the need arise, they are only 5 minutes away from one. Emily's mother and brother are visiting for a few months, which will be a great help and encouragement. We are praying for a timely and safe arrival.

School is going really well--if any of you read my post on Leanna's first day of school--I am happy to report that she is learning to read, and my earlier fears that she wasn't paying attention seem to be put to rest. Sometimes it amazes me as I listen to her "play" school and she is imitating her teachers and retelling her Bible story, or explaining how to count by 5's. It is an opportunity that I am grateful for, to spend so much time giving her my full attention, which I would not be doing otherwise.

Rebekah is a little lady, growing in grace each day. She is such a blessing, comfort, and companion to me here on the field. Jenny and Hannah are doing well at college--before you know it they will have finished the semester. They plan to visit a friend's house in Michigan during Thanksgiving, and spend the Christmas holidays in Ohio with relatives.

Thanks so much for your prayers!

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Katie said...

It sounds like your all doing great.. your in my prayers...