Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doug's December Prayer Letter

(Pictures of me and some men in our church passing out John and Romans.)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

One of the highlights of this month’s activities was when Manolo, who was one of the homeless drunkards of the city, came up to Pedro, a man in our church, who was visiting with me on Saturday. I have seen him living in one of the nearby parks, with his bag and bottle, and always have had a heart for him, inviting him to church and praying for him.

Well, this day, he approached Pedro, and I sat behind them in my car as I was getting ready to leave, just praising the Lord, because he let Pedro lead him through the Bible. Pedro called me a few minutes later with the great news that Manolo had given himself to the Lord! We both rejoiced, praising God, and Manolo came to church on Sunday for both services in the morning, and gave a testimony with a tear in his eye, that he was ‘glad that he entered into a new family!’ He has not been to church the last two Sundays, so I am asking special prayer for him.

We have been to a couple of the hospitals lately witnessing, giving gospel tracts and John and Romans at the entrance. We also have been to the nursing home twice this month singing and preaching the gospel. Pedro is on fire for the Lord, and last Saturday after fasting a few days, preached a sermon on the Good Samaritan on the sidewalk in front of the city mission where many were listening. No one got saved that we know of, but we had two new visitors because of it on Sunday. Pray for Roakim and Ernesto’s salvation and also for Ceasar, a first time visitor.

I have mentioned the fact that I am trying to get into the prison here to minister on a personal basis and also conduct church services. They have not answered my calls, so now I am writing a letter to the Director about this. The inmates have also written requests to her, asking that she would allow me to come in and preach. Please make this a matter of prayer, as I believe that this is God’s will, and many souls could be saved and lives changed.

Church is going well, and God is blessing the services. I am having a great time preaching and teaching, and by the way, singing, of all things--as I am also the song leader! Well, sometimes I do mess up, and start on a bad note or something, so Carolee has to bail me out from time to time. Amen! We also are going to hold a free dinner at church for all the homeless at the mission across the street. We will preach the gospel, so please pray for these souls.

Thank you for all you do for us,

The Schwaderer Family serving God in the Canary Islands.

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