Monday, December 15, 2008

"What's Up with That?"

The other day Doug and I were sitting in our parked van (Doug was getting ready to go in and talk to our mechanic) when a teenager started to back up his sports coupe--right toward our van--where I was sitting! As I watched the car back into us, I wondered how long it would take until he realized what he was doing, and if I was going to be affected in the impact! Doug tried to honk the horn, but since the engine was off it wouldn't sound.

The guy pulled up after he realized what happened and jumped out of his car. I was expecting an apology-- but much to my surprise he got out of his car and was angry with us as he inspected the damage done to his car! What did we do, I asked myself. He asked us for our insurance information, and proceeded to tell us how his car was brand new--he was obviously nervous and shook up.

What really made me irritated was how he started telling everyone that we were trying to go around him and that we hit him! I couldn't believe my ears. Our vehicle wasn't even moving!! Doug and I both were trying to set the record straight, but I don't think he was ever convinced that he was in the wrong. This was our first experience with a "fender bender" here so we weren't exactly sure if we were supposed to call the police, or just exchange information.

I remembered that my cell phone had a camera, so I also began snapping photos "just in case." Doug called our insurance agent, and they didn't seem concerned. She said they normally fault the person backing up. Fortunately it wasn't serious, with only minimal damage. More than anything it was merely a frustration, especially when wrongfully accused--especially as they tend to distrust foreigners in the first place. Doug was very kind to they young man, and was able to give him a "Smiley" face Bible-- hopefully it will give him something to think about as we left on good terms, not getting angry at him for hitting our van!

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