Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Goes Up, Up, and Up

When I want to get out of the house, Doug will take me on a drive. Yesterday was a holiday here, and while most islanders were home celebrating "Dia de Los Reyes," we decided to go for a drive and enjoy the sunshine.

We like to explore new villages and towns that we have never been to, so yesterday we headed south, traveling on the back roads through small villages. It is refreshing that the island isn't dominated by fast food restaurants, shopping malls and strip malls. Rather, each town has its own grocery store, lots of mom and pop businesses, and cafes and diners. This makes each town interesting to explore, discovering what they have to offer.

As we headed out of one town, we assumed that the mountain road we were on was going to take us on to the next small village--but as we turned the corner on the road heading out of town, I looked ahead only to find the road was taking us up, way up. Doug asked me if I wanted to keep on going, and I said yes. As we traveled on, the road was too narrow to turn around, so we had no choice but to continue on to the top.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this on my blog, but I do not like heights. I get this sick, panicky feeling when we get to the top of a mountain, and I have to get down as SOON AS POSSIBLE!! The last time we traveled the 12,000 plus feet up to Mt. Teide I sat in the car while Doug and the girls went in the gift shop. As they were looking around, what was 10 minutes seemed like an eternity to me as I was trying to close my eyes and just pretend that I wasn't on top of a mountain, praying as hard as I could that God would help me. I couldn't wait til they came back and we started our way down.

So yesterday, after winding our way up the mountain, Doug and Leanna got out of the car to take in the fabulous view, with Rebekah and me staying in the car. Rebekah gets car sick on the curvy roads. Our girls don't really like it when mommy and daddy go for a drive--and I understand why.

So why did I submit myself to this drive anyway, I am asking myself? Well, one good reason is that I have to face my fears if I am going to get over them. I am doing better, I think, but still can't say I am crazy about the feeling. I find it interesting that the Lord would call us to live on a island that is all volcanic mountains. Just another example of God's amazing grace!

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the reynolds said...

Carolee - this happened to me only we were on this rickety old tour (school) bus traveling up the mountains in Denali National park in Alaska. I was such a wreck by the time we reached the top....hairpin turns, 1 1/2 lane gravel roads, drop offs that went WAY, WAY down into nothingness AHHHHhhh...but it's ok. I'm here to tell you about it! (however after that day we did hear of a bus that rolled down the mountainside when everyone rushed to one side of th bus to get a glimpse of bears.....the weight shifted the bus on it's chassis and down it went.
On another note - have any good churcehs to recommend here in Ohio? Ever hear Of Gateway Baptist in Eaton Oh??