Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Update

Just thought I would post a little "update" on how things are going over here. We had a very encouraging church service today, with several visitors. One young lady (whom Doug had invited to church yesterday during visitation), came in at the last 15 minutes with a friend, and was very broken and crying during the preaching. Doug was talking about the suffering of Jesus and how much he loved us, doing what he did for you and me. At the end of the service, Doug invited anyone who had never called upon the Lord for salvation and forgiveness of sin to do so, and she raised her hand and prayed, calling upon the Lord to be her Saviour. It was a great blessing to see such humility and moving of the Holy Spirit.

Another blessing is to see how God is working in restoring families. Two couples that have been struggling have been coming to church together, and it seems like in spite of all the difficulties (which we all have from time to time) they are trying to work things out and unite their family under God and His word.

We appreciate all of you who are praying and giving so faithfully, enabling us to continue our work here in the Canary Islands.

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the reynolds said...

Praise the Lord! it is so exciting to see souls coming to the Saviour!