Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't Drink the Water (or pop for that matter!)

Monday after school we like to take a few hours off to just relax as a family, since the weekends are hectic with Doug working all weekend on ministry related tasks. Yesterday we got off to a rather late start, but jumped in the van, heading south searching for some sun. We ended up at Los Cristianos, a mega tourist area filled with shops, hotels, and restaurants. We walked up and down the boardwalk, enjoying the ocean and scenery.

As we were getting ready to head home, we were inundated with maitre' des hounding us, inviting us to eat in their restaurants. It is off season, so everyone is competing for their share of the tourist euro. We were just going to stop at McDonald's and pick up a chicken sandwich off the euro menu (something new here, similar to our dollar menu in the states) but were allured by the Chinese buffet, only 6.5 Euros per adult and kids 4 euros. It turned out, Rebekah was an adult, and when we ordered, we were informed that because the price of the buffet was so low, everyone must order something to drink to compensate for it, whether bottled water or pop, but everyone, including Leanna had to get one.

In the past we had a large family, so we have often kept our bill down by drinking water at restaurants--and never gave it a second thought--but now if you want water you must pay for it too.

My husband paid the bill when I took Leanna to the ladies room. On our way out I asked him how much it was (big mistake). Apparently to make a bigger profit they charge double for the drinks. What we thought would be an inexpensive dinner cost nearly $50! I was tempted to feel a little angry, but my sweet husband said not to let it ruin my day, and he is right. I let things like that get under my skin. It was nice of him to take us out, not to have to cook dinner for a change, and next time we will know better.


Jamie Parfitt said...

Boy, what an eye opener! It's good that you tell us things like that, so we can be prepared if we come over there. I'm so happy you listened to your husband and caught that spirit of irritation and refused to let it gain the day. Praise the Lord that husbands and wives can work together in that way. Ken and I have to do the same thing. After all, the children are watching to see how we handle these things. :-) I would have felt the same way you did. :-)

arielle said...

Here in Romania bottled water is more expensive than soda!! Hardly anyone drinks water its awful...