Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Fashioned Methods Still Work

I have heard it been said that the old fashioned method of evangelizing doesn't work anymore in today's modern society. The idea of going out on the street and passing out gospel tracts to perfect strangers, going door to door inviting folks to church, and preaching on the streets is not "working" anymore, and has been replaced with more "creative" methods of presenting the gospel, such as sports programs, socials, clubs, etc. Figure out a way to draw a crowd, then sneak in the gospel somewhere, and hopefully they won't be offended too much.

I am not against nor criticizing people who do the above as they try to win people to the Lord, as I know many of them have good intentions and at least they are trying to do something (as long as it isn't sinful). God has used those as vehicles to present the gospel. But things haven't changed in that it is still the gospel which is the power of God unto salvation, and the preaching of the cross is still foolishness to those who don't believe--and it will still offend those who choose to reject it, as hard as some may try to water things down so it doesn't upset anyone. No one can be saved unless they believe in their heart the gospel, which is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ--calling upon Him with a sincere and repentant heart--no matter where or how they happen to hear the gospel. That will never change. This includes a realization that you have sinned against a holy God, and need Jesus to be your Saviour.

Which brings me to my reason for writing this post--as missionaries here in the Canary Islands our objective is to win people to Christ, and start New Testament churches. This has come by much hard work as we are starting from scratch. My husband is just an old fashioned kind of preacher--he chooses to believe the Bible and endeavor to do what it says. In the book of Acts the early church preached publicly, from house to house, and in the streets. He has endured a lot of rejection and people making fun of him too, so it is by no means an easy task.

When we first arrived in Tenerife, we had the advantage of already speaking Spanish (which is an ongoing learning experience) but my husband was able to start going out and tell people about the Lord, and invite them for a Bible study. He also started going door to door, entering apartment buildings, housing developments, etc. and passing out John and Romans, gospel tracts, and talking to those who would listen.

Did it work? Well, here are a few examples of people who have come as a result of either door to door, street evangelism, etc.

Juliel and his wife--Doug met on street in downtown Santa Cruz, started Bible study in his apartment, discipled his family for 8 months.

Pedro--met Doug as a result of another man who Doug also met on the street of downtown Santa Cruz; has been faithful to church, brings his entire family, his wife has received Christ, and he also is going out on visitation with Doug now.

Yanet--Jenny and Hannah were out on visitation with their Dad, gave her a gospel tract, she was already saved, but came to church the next Sunday, has been faithful ever since, and plays the piano for us.

Cuban couple--Jenny and Hannah gave them a gospel tract one day, a year later Doug is going door to door with another missionary that he is helping, Doug invites them to attend his church and they come, and have been visiting now.

Wednesday night and Sunday morning we had 4 different visitors as a result of Saturday visitation.

Yes, these are challenging days we live in for presenting the gospel, and not as many people respond as we would hope, but it does work--and is still the power of God unto salvation.


Jamie Parfitt said...

Amen and amen, especially to the part where you say it will be foolishness to those who choose to reject it. Mike Ireland preached this week at the Missions Conference that people want to believe evolution because they don't want to believe in a Creator. That's it in a nutshell. People make conscious choices about what they believe. I just don't think they "never thought about it." We all need pray for the Holy Spirit to work on their hearts. Without the working of the Spirit, even door-to-door won't "work." People need to sense God's Spirit in us at the door, on the street, etc.

Mrs. Bee said...