Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Today marked an important milestone in our ministry, the one year anniversary of our little church here in the Canary Islands. We came to Tenerife two years ago in April, and for one year met for Bible study in a young couple's apartment, with the desire to have church services as soon as we could find a suitable location to meet. The rents for store fronts are very expensive here in Santa Cruz, costing well over $900-1200 per month and not everyone wants to rent to a church, so we made it a matter of prayer. We could not afford anything near that amount.

The Lord opened up the doors for us to rent a place where they hold neighborhood meetings, parties, educational classes, etc. and they only charge us $125 per month! It is perfect for our needs right now, and is close to the city mission--so we have many opportunities for outreach.

One year ago we started our Sunday morning services, with our family and a few men, and the Lord has blessed. When we first came, I thought it would be nearly impossible to get a church started in this country of hard hearts--but through much diligence, hard work, and prayer the Lord is helping us in our endeavors. It surely isn't easy, and one must keep their eyes on the Lord to provide encouragement as often we see people come and go, but we are thankful to have this opportunity to make a difference in a few lives that the Lord has brought our way.


Jillian and Emmaline Snyder said...

Hi, Carolee and family! I didn't know you had a blog either! It's exciting to think of you all on the field for a year, Praise God! We all enjoy reading the prayer letters and seeing what God can do, it encourages us. We've been here only 2+ month, and see that there is so much to do. Love you all. Dawn Snyder Missionary in New Zealand.

Jillian and Emmaline Snyder said...

My mistake you've been there 2 yrs, I thought one was too short, one yr anniversary of church.