Monday, September 21, 2009

Joy in Heaven

Saturday we had the privilege to baptize Maria Jose, who has been attending our church for a few months and recently asked Jesus Christ to be her Lord and Saviour. Doug and some of the men from church had given a gospel tract to a friend of hers, and for some reason the friend said to her "here is something for you, I think you would like it more than me." Maria Jose got our church address off the back and visited. We also studied the Bible a few times with her in her home, and she has been coming ever since.

The baptism was a real adventure. The natural pools in the ocean where we usually baptize were closed to the public for renovation, so we had to walk several blocks down the shore to find another spot to access the ocean. Unfortunately, it was all rocks rather than sand--and they were very slippery from the algae growing on the surface of them--making it very precarious. Maria was a very brave soul--and was a good sport about it. We enjoyed a small time of refreshment afterwards--tortilla wraps I had made ahead of time. Praise the Lord for Maria and her decision for Christ!

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