Saturday, October 10, 2009

Foods You Can't Find in the Canary Islands

This post is mainly for fun, I thought I would compile a list of foods that are not available here in the Canary Islands, or extremely hard to find, and if you did find them they would be really expensive.

I have learned to live without, make do, and be creative in my substitutions. I don't really miss anything from the states, but there are a few items I have my daughters bring me when they come to visit.

Anyway, here is the list that I have compiled:


Vanilla Extract (they have things like essence of vanilla, but it has other flavors mixed in)
Other extracts, such as almond, mint, and flavorings

Crisco or vegetable shortening (they do sell animal lard in the meat dept. but I do fine without it and it is probably much healthier to cook without it)

Non-stick spray oils, such as Pam

Chocolate Chips (we substitute baking chocolate bars cut up into chunks, so we make choc. chunk cookies instead)
Any type of baking chips such as peanut butter, butterscotch, white chocolate

American cake mixes, brownie mixes, cookie mixes

Corn syrup (they do have a syrup imported from England which is similar, make from beet sugar)

Soft light brown sugar--nothing here resembles the texture of good American brown sugar

Bagels, english muffins, soft pretzels

Canned goods and various staples:

canned pumpkin

canned pie fillings--(Rebekah really misses cherry pie filling, the kind you put on top of cheesecake)

Soups like Campbells--(you don't realize how many recipes call for canned mushroom soup, or cream soups)

pancake syrup

cranberry sauce (Miss this at Thanksgiving)

salad dressings (they do have a few very small bottles, but very expensive, and not much variety)

certain diet foods, like sugar free puddings, sugar free jello

Flavored coffee, flavored creamers, and flavored syrups made for coffee
Drink mixes like Crystal Light, Kool-Aid
Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew
Instant Hot Cocoa mix, like Swiss Miss, and sugar free cocoa mix

Spaghetti sauce like Ragu, or Prego (they have a few things in jars about the size of baby food jars, really cost prohibitive for a family)

Pizza sauce

Misc. items:

Frozen juice concentrate


Cool Whip

Sour Cream

Ice cream toppings in a jar like hot fudge sauce

Certain boxed cereals, like plain cheerios (they have sweetened ones), fruit loops (Leanna is just dying for some)

Certain candy bars--Reese cups (hard to find, but sometimes can find), Hershey kisses, butterfingers, peppermint patties (Doug's favorite)

Stuffing mix, such as Stove Top

Macaroni and Cheese Mix (such as Kraft, or any brand for that matter)

French fried onions (can't make green bean casserole without them!)

Seasoning packets, like Chili or taco and Hidden Valley salad dressings, Italian salad dressing mix, seasoning items such as Mrs. Dash, Molly McButter

Frozen convenience foods such as Tater Tots, hash browns
Prepared frozen dinners, such as Healthy choice, Lean Cuisine and many of the convenience prepared foods we have (they do have a few, but most aren't worth buying)

Velveeta Cheese

I am sure this is not a comprehensive list, but the things which came to mind. We do just fine without these things, and I am sure we are much healthier too. Is there anything on this list you just couldn't live without?

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