Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good News from Mozambique

A few weeks ago my son Nathan and his family packed up their belongings and made the long trip back to Mozambique, Africa for their second term as missionaries. They were home for a short furlough, due to some problems with visas, and now will be reapplying for residency there.

I was able to speak with them yesterday, and was surprised that they had already found a house to rent, in the same neighborhood as their old house. It is also a few houses down from where the church they started last term is meeting. Emily said they can walk to church--how convenient! It was encouraging to hear that the church is still going, with about 30 people. Some of them were even at the bus stop to greet them when they arrived in Maputo. I am sure that was a great encouragement to their hearts.

I had many questions for Emily, as I am very curious as to what their new home will be like. She said the new house is all on one floor, an old Portuguese style home, with a porch on the front, and a place for the kids to play outside, albeit much of it is probably dirt rather than grass. It is a constant challenge to keep the floors clean in the house, and I imagine a challenge to keep the kids clean as well! It is much smaller than their previous house, but Emily was hoping to get something a little smaller as it will be easier to clean.

The people who lived in the house before them took the water tank (not the hot water tank, but the storage tank, perhaps it would be called a cistern) with them, so they didn't have the necessary water in the house for bathing, laundry, etc. Fortunately they are able to shower at a friend's house until Nathan is able to connect the new water tank, and hook up the washing machine. Nathan is becoming quite a jack of all trades, by necessity......from plumber, electrician, mechanic, carpenter, painter and all the things that come with living on the mission field.

The house is in great need of deep cleaning, there are no closets, and a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. The people who lived there before left behind a lot of built of grease in the kitchen. The bathtub is very old and the paint worn off. I give Nathan and Emily a lot of credit for being willing to take on this challenge. I can't wait to see pictures. I know Nathan and Emily will be working hard to make this house a comfortable home.

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