Saturday, October 31, 2009

November Newsletter

Here is the latest update from Doug regarding ministry.

Doug baptizing Reuben in the Atlantic Ocean
Luis, Lourdes, and Laura

We thank the Lord for allowing us to serve Him here in the Canary Islands. We have seen some growth in the people we are discipling, and our church is growing slowly and the Lord is adding to our numbers. We had about 33 people in attendance two weeks ago, which may not seem like a large number to those of you in the states, but here in Spain it is an encouragement to us as it is not easy to get people to come to a Bible preaching church. We were blessed with a number of visitors during the month of October. Chesster and his mother Merli brought 3 of their Filipino friends to church with them, and they have visited several times.

I decided to go back and revisit some of the apartment buildings near our church; I had canvassed the area a year ago when we first started the church. A few weeks ago I met a Cuban family at one of the doors, and they told me they were saved in Cuba many years ago, but were looking for a Baptist church here in Tenerife. They received our literature at their door over a year ago, but for some reason never came to visit until recently. They have been coming to Sunday services and Thursday evening prayer meetings.

Last Sunday I preached a message from Luke 16:19 about heaven and hell, and asked the people where they were going to spend eternity. One man was visiting for the first time—we met him the day before on visitation. Reuben told me that he wanted to be saved after hearing the message, but for some reason waited until Monday, praying with Pedro, the man who attends our church who heads up the men’s home. Reuben wanted to be baptized, so this past Friday we baptized him in the Atlantic Ocean.

Please pray for R., he hasn’t been coming to our church for a while but showed up last Sunday. He says he has been off drugs and alcohol which is a blessing. Another young lady V. is having some struggles and could use prayer as well. M. J. has been faithfully coming to church, and has H1N1. She is a single parent and works many hours and really can’t afford to be sick.

I have had some good visits with a young woman named Melane and a man named Ricardo, and another named Pietra. Please pray for their salvation. We also ask prayer for Pedro and the Men’s home—they recently were notified they are going to receive grant money from the government so they can build workshops to help the unemployed men gain skills.

Thanks for your faithful prayers and support, the Schwaderer Family

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