Saturday, January 23, 2010

Starting New Work in San Isidro

Back in the summer, Doug and our German missionary friend Rudy Thomas went visiting on the south side of the island, in a community known as San Isidro. Rudy was looking for a new place to live, and while they were down there exploring the territory, they went door to door and passed out portions of Scripture. They got a phone call from a couple from Venezuela, saying that they were Christians and were interesting in meeting us. They were disappointed that our church was on the north side of the island, as they were hoping we were closer to where they lived. They had visited churches near them, but none were doctinally sound.

Doug and I went to visit them one night, and we offered start a Bible study in their home, and we have been doing that now for about six months, every Friday night. Doug and Rudy recently started to go to San Isidro every Tuesday, and within a short time have made several contacts with people interested in studying the Bible with them. One is a group of Nigerians, who speak English. There are many Africans living here, and although our main thrust is to start Spanish speaking churches, we will minister to whoever the Lord opens the doors for us to do so. They asked for English Bibles, which we were able to provide, and they are studying with Doug and Rudy every week.

Another encouragement is when they met some Romanians living here--two of them speak Spanish very well, and two of them are learning. They also study with Doug and Rudy on Tuesdays, and one lady recently prayed to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour. They were interested in attending our Friday night Bible study as well, and have been coming and show great interest in the Bible and things of the Lord. It makes for a very interesting study, as they read their Romanian Bibles along with the Spanish.

We also met a woman from Colombia who also attended our Bible study. She is also interested in having a church nearer to where she lives. So right now we are praying about finding a local or room we can rent to start a Sunday afternoon or evening service. Please pray with us that the Lord will direct us in our new endeavor. Doug will have his hands full, as well as Rudy, dividing their time between the churches they have already established in the north ( Santa Cruz, and Puerto de la Cruz), and then the new one in the South.

In addition, it would be helpful for me to get my Spanish driver's license so I could relieve Doug of some of his "duties" around the home; so he wouldn't have to take me on errands, to the grocery store, doctor appointments, or Rebekah to piano lessons--I could do these things on my own if I could drive here. It entails me going to driving school, and taking a written and practical road test, something I am not looking forward to. It can also be very expensive, anywhere from $800-1500 depending on how much practice you require with the instructor. It is a bit different driving here than in the states, and the cars are mostly standards so I will have to get used to that as well. I need to get the courage and motivation to do this--it sounds strange coming from a woman who used to drive a big yellow school bus (yes, I did that for a year when my kids were in Christian school) and had to get a commercial driver's license, taking the test in a school bus as well. I have been putting this off and am not looking forward to it, but I know this would be a big help to my husband.

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Jamie Parfitt said...

If the Lord wants you to do this, you can do it. He will provide the money and the skill.