Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Steps of a Good Man

Yesterday was one of those days when you just know that God was directing our steps. My husband, Rudy (our German missionary friend) and Michael drove down to San Isidro to do some visiting and gospel distribution. They also had an appointment at 4 pm to talk to a Romanian woman who had called because she had received one of our tracts a week ago and wanted to know more because she had just started to read the Bible for herself.

Since they had never met this woman before, and didn't know where she lived, they agreed to meet at the bakery where she worked, but since they were about 20 minutes early, Doug decided to go knock on a few doors in town to take advantage of the time. They walked about three blocks in the opposite direction, and Doug saw an apartment building, rang the bell to see if anyone would let him in the entrance (most apartment complexes are locked from the street so to get in you have to ring someone's doorbell, and hope they will let you gain entrance to the building.) He always starts on the top and works his way down, so he climbed the four flights of stairs, and knocked on a door.

A woman answered the door, and Doug told her that he was from the Baptist church, and she replied "Oh, that is funny, I am just now leaving to go meet with two men from a Baptist church named Douglas and Rudy."

Doug responded "I am Douglas, and Rudy is waiting downstairs!" I think they were all a little surprised, and recognized that this indeed was a divine appointment. The odds of Doug walking the three blocks from the bakery, stopping at the exact apartment building where she lived, then walking up to the exact door where she resided......(hers was the first door he knocked on) it was too much to be a coincidence, and I think the lady is really seeing the hand of God working in her life. They have another appointment to meet with her next week.

While waiting down on the street, Michael met four Nigerians who spoke English, and was able to talk to them as well. One of the ladies requested an English Bible, so Friday Doug has an appointment to meet with them as well.


Ginger said...

Praise the Lord!!

chip said...

WOW...what comforting feeling knowing that the Lord is directing your steps!!