Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Names Written Down in Glory

We are encouraged by what the Lord is doing here recently. Saturday Doug took a group of our church people out on visitation, and when they were finished, a man from Nigeria came up to Doug and told him that he wanted to know God. He spoke English better than he did Spanish, so Doug showed him from the Bible, in English, how he could know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He prayed to get saved, and the next morning came to our church services. Please pray for him, his name is Clifford.

The new work in San Isidro continues, and a Romanian family has been faithfully attending our Bible study. They even came to our church on the north side of the island, which is quite a drive for them. The wife, Jenni, prayed to receive the Lord about a month ago, and she and her husband bring two of their friends with them. They come to Bible study with their Spanish and Romanian Bibles, and highlight verses as we go along. It is so encouraging to see people who are so interested in learning about the Bible. Today (Tuesday) Doug, Rudy, and Chesster studied with them, and three of them (Valentino, Simona, and Maritza) prayed the sinner's prayer, and asked the Lord to be their Saviour.

We are trying to locate a building or room to rent in San Isidro to hold a church service in. There are many possibilities, so please pray that we find the right one, and for a good price as we are a small group of people and need something affordable.

After two years of paperwork, Doug has finally been given "official" documentation to enter the jail here. He has been going in and visiting inmates, but now he has the government paperwork necessary to enter more freely and on a regular basis.

Our oldest daughter Amy and our nine month old grandson will be visiting us the month of March. We haven't seen Amy since we left for the field, and it will be nice for us to spend some time with her. She hasn't traveled much outside the United States, so please pray that her travel would go smoothly.


Nomad said...

Thanks for the update! How encouraging to hear about that family highighting their Bible!!! That must thrill you to pieces! And I didn't know Amy was planning a visit. You must be giddy with excitement!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

Yes, we will be really happy to see her again. She has been saving her pennies (and dollars ; ) for quite some time now to make this trip and it is finally becoming a reality.

Jamie Parfitt said...

Praise the Lord for the new fruit harvested.