Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Church in San Isidro

We rent the building from a political party here; of course we have no political ties to the group--but it is a nice big room with lots of potential for growth and nice facilities.

We are rejoicing that the Lord allowed us to have our first church service in San Isidro, the community we have been working in for the past 7 months. We have been holding a Friday night Bible study in the home of Cesar and Marisa, and little by little the Lord was adding a few new families and adults. Our intention was to start a church as soon as we could find the right place, and God answered our prayers! We were able to rent a beautiful room in town with a good location for a very reasonable price; it belongs to a political party here in Tenerife and they are allowing us to use their headquarters.

Doug is working with our German missionary friend Rudy Thomas, and together they have been evangelizing and teaching every Tuesday and Friday in San Isidro. Because the churches Doug is pastoring in Santa Cruz, and Rudy in Puerto de la Cruz meet on Sundays, we have to hold our church service in San Isidro on Saturday evenings. It is keeping us on the go, but we enjoy staying busy in the Lord's work!

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