Monday, March 29, 2010

Going to Prison and Staying Busy in the Work

My husband truly enjoys his time in the prison!! Of course, he gets to come home afterward......but it amazes me how much he enjoys ministering to the inmates. Last Thursday was his first "official" day in the prison. They gave him an identification card with his photo, and allowed him to bring in Bibles, John and Romans, and gospel tracts. He was given a very small room (he said it was smaller than our bathroom) and the prisoners were allowed to come in and talk with him. He said there was a steady flow of men coming in, and at one point it got a little crowded. He plans on going in every Thursday afternoon, so if you think about it, keep him in your prayers for this time.

Doug's schedule is full but I am happy that he has found plenty of work to do here in the ministry. Tuesday is dedicated to visiting in San Isidro, and they (Doug and Rudy) also teach a Bible study there at the Romanian family's home. He usually doesn't get home until 9:30 or 10:00 pm. Wednesday he has another Bible study in San Isidro, and then we have our midweek prayer meeting with our church in Santa Cruz, for which he also has to prepare a short message. Thursday is his day to visit the prison, and in the morning he usually has lots of errands, counseling, etc. He also helps collect food donations for the men's home. In between all this he goes door to door, and passes out tracts at schools and the university.

Friday is the Bible study in San Isidro, and he also prepares for Sat. and Sunday's messages and Sunday school lessons. Saturday morning is church visitation in Santa Cruz, then church in the evening. Sunday is a full day with Sunday school and church, then once a month he preaches in Puerto de la Cruz in the evening. That leaves Monday, which is supposed to be Doug's day off--he plays tennis in the morning, and then in the afternoon he takes me grocery shopping and Rebekah to piano lessons.

I am thankful that my husband is able to do what he loves, helping people and serving the Lord.

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