Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Heaven We'll Never Say Goodbye

We just got home from taking Amy and Joseph to the airport. It seems hard to believe that a month could go by so quickly. It was like the blink of an eye--I don't know where the time went. Airports bring to mind joyous renunions and tearful separations. As we were leaving the Tenerife airport, waving goodbye to Amy through the glass, I thought to myself how many times I have been through this--saying goodbye to my girls, and as Rebekah and Leanna head back to the parking garage with us, I wonder if someday I will be kissing them goodbye as we put them on a plane as well.

We come home and I look at the empty baby crib, the furniture that was lovingly rearranged to make room for the baby. How we anticipated their arrival! There is a small sadness as I put things back to normal. I think of Joseph's smile as he greeted us each morning. Now it is all a memory, one we will cherish as we anticipate our next reunion.

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Jillian and Emmaline said...

Oh I look forward to never having to say good bye again! I'm glad you have the memories to hold dear ad knowing Amy is doing a great job as a mommy must help too! Some day....never say good bye agian Praise the Lord! -Dawn