Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rebekah's 12th Birthday Party

We are blessed by our daughter Rebekah. She is a gentle, meek and quiet spirit and we enjoy being her parents. It is hard to imagine that a little over 12 years ago, we were welcoming her into the world. We had four children already, and it had been nine years since we had a baby in the house. I had returned to college, had a full scholarship, and was planning to get my teacher's degree so I could teach in the Christian school where my children attended. The Lord had other plans in mind. Shortly after Rebekah was born, we moved to Rochester NY as Doug accepted a full time chaplain position in a gospel preaching jail ministry, and I became a Spanish teacher at a Christian school--but the Lord used that to bring me back to my first priority of being a keeper at home, and to homeschool my daughters.

Life takes interesting turns--and I never would have imagined we would end up in the Canary Islands. I am so thankful for the two younger daughters the Lord has given us--and that they love living here on the mission field with their mom and dad!


Jamie Parfitt said...

Such sweet pictures. Life certainly DOES take interesting and sometimes surprising turns. I was amazed to see that you hit the pinata in the street!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

Yes, the street had more room as pinatas can be dangerous if you don't have plenty of room to keep the kids back!