Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Full House

Our house is once again buzzing with activity.....we are so pleased to have Hannah and Jenny home with us during the summer. It is probably quite an adjustment for them to make the change from dorm life, waking up extremely early, and their fast paced life at Fairhaven to the more relaxed atmosphere here at home, but I am thankful they are able to get a little rest and relaxation. They are also a blessing here in our church. Jenny is playing the piano for our services, and they also are a good example to our ladies and young people.

Hannah is spending a lot of time with Rebekah as they work on sewing projects nearly every day. I am thrilled because I don't sew much, but Rebekah enjoys having her sister to help her with all her creations. She (Rebekah) lovingly spent hours making a pair of culottes and a purse for a friend's birthday present.

I am attending driving school every morning so I can get my Spanish driver's license. I have to take a written and practical test, and the practical test is done in a car with standard transmission. Thankfully I used to drive one when we lived in Ohio, but it has been a long time. I am a little afraid of driving on the steep inclines and mountains here, but I imagine I will get the hang of it.

Church is going well, we have had some victories in the past few weeks in the lives of some of our people which is always a blessing. Sunday we are planning a day in the park after church in celebration of our two year anniversary of the church in Los Gladiolos, Santa Cruz.

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