Thursday, August 26, 2010

Missing the Most Precious Moments

After a long day of home school, cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. I look forward to the evening when I can sit down, read my email, and just do what "I" want to do. My husband often plays a game with the girls, and I am upstairs on the computer. I have it on my lap, since our desktop bit the dust months ago. My kids know that when I am reading or looking at things on the internet, they could probably ask me just about anything and I would say yes as my focus is on what I am reading.

Last night as I was surfing the net, as they say, Leanna came up to my room and said she wanted to lay down on my lap. Leanna is a very affectionate 8 year old. She often kisses me goodnight 10-15 times, hugging me, tucking me in as if I were her child, then only to return again to do it over and over. At first I was a little perturbed....."mommy is using the computer right now".........but she persisted. I tried scooting the computer over to one side so she could "share my lap" with it. Didn't work to well. She seemed disappointed. Then my heart was convicted.

I began having this conversation to myself: "Carolee, the day will come when this child will no longer desire to sit in your lap. If you keep refusing her, she will no longer ask, because she knows that mommy doesn't want to be bothered. She will find other things to do."

I took the computer on put it on the table. I took Leanna and put her across my lap. I realized that I was holding the real treasure--and how quickly I forget to take time just to appreciate what the Lord has given me. She looked up at me with the most beautiful, toothless smile. Nothing could be better than that!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolee. My daughter Katharine is so very much like your daughter. The kisses, the hugs, even 'tucking me in' when I lie in bed knitting. I must get under the covers, and my pillows get propped etc. I love it. My oldest,14, then the 13 year old are all still very loving, but something about when they are 8. It seems so pronouned as the gather their 'nurturing side' and start to use it. I love it too.. and it's a challenge for me to put the knitting down.

Ted Snyder said...

Thank you Carolee - You smote my heart! I'm often too preoccupied! I needed to read this tonight! You are a great encouragement to me! - Dawn