Sunday, September 5, 2010

Congratulations Hannah and David

Yesterday David took Hannah out for dinner for her 25th birthday. They had secured permission from the college for an off-campus date and with another staff member and his wife as chaperones, went to the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building in Chicago. They had a nice dinner, and for dessert the wait staff brought out a chocolate box, which contained chocolate sprinkles inside, along with the ring.

Doug and I knew about the little surprise, as David had asked Doug permission before hand. This means we have had two engagements in our family in the past two weeks! Jenny and Michael, along with Hannah and David, were planning a summer wedding in 2011--and since we have to travel such a long way, we decided a double wedding ceremony would be the best for our family considering the circumstances.

We are blessed with the wonderful young men the Lord has brought into our daughters lives, as both feel called to full time ministry. David is a pilot and is currently studying aircraft mechanics to prepare him to be an aviation missionary to Papua New Guinea. Michael is not sure what the Lord has for his life yet, but is leaning towards missions. Most importantly, they are men of high character and we feel confident they will lead our daughters in the ways of the Lord and endeavor to love them as Christ loved the Church, and gave Himself for it.


Tricia said...

Praise the Lord for providing such wonderful, Godly, young men for your daughters! May Jesus be magnified through their engagement and up and coming marriages. A double wedding!! How precious!!! Will the wedding be in New York?

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

Lord willing, we are planning on having it at Old Paths. We are planning a mini furlough next spring.