Friday, September 24, 2010

Finding the Will of God

So many times we are searching for the will of God in our lives, when in reality, it isn't some hidden, mystical process that God is hiding from us. The will of God is revealed in His word. To obey God in what we know to do is right will lead us in the steps we ought to take. It is a light which marks the path that we are to follow. Ever need direction in your life? Just follow the light that you do have from God's word, and He will direct your next step, sometimes in small baby steps, and other times, in big leaps.

So what is the will of God for his children? Obedience to the truth. A really neat study is to take your concordance and look up phrases such as "will of God," willing, etc. The will of God is that we rejoice evermore, give thanks, pray without ceasing, abstain from fornication, that no one would perish but come to salvation in Jesus Christ, etc. So often we are looking for something bigger that we fail to do the small things, and get out of God's will because we are flustered, discontent, unthankful, and it comes out in the way we treat those around us. God is so merciful and loving that He keeps correcting us, pushing us back on the right track, if we will let Him.

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Jamie Parfitt said...

Thanks for that list. I needed the reminder. Our discontent is our biggest handicap, spiritually.